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How to Love Your Body - 4 Archangel Meditations (mp3 Downloads)
How to Love Your Body - Meditations  

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Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Metatron followed each set of affirmations above with an Angelic message. You can enjoy these meditations alone or after listening to the corresponding set of affirmations. Bask in the higher frequencies of Love that each Archangel transmits while you begin to feel the power of your imagination to change your body and your life. The Archangels suggest listening to these meditations as often as you are drawn to do. For each time you tune in, you will receive something new that will support your body and life. Read the descriptions below to get a glimpse of what you can experience in these meditations. 

Meditation 1: Become Aware of the Waves of Love Your Cells Continually Give and Receive as You Open to Greater Rejuvenation. Music by Thaddeus. Duration: 15:53

Meditation 2: Wrap Your Body in the Neutral Field of Grace (beyond Mass Consciousness Beliefs) where all Potentials become Available. Music by Thaddeus. Duration: 20:55

Meditation 3: Merge with Your Higher Self and Experience Your Body as Particles of Radiant Divine Light. Music by Thaddeus. Duration: 19:01

Meditation 4: Open to Spirals of Cosmic Wisdom Flowing into Your Heart and Transforming Your DNA. Music by Thaddeus. Duration: 18:15

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